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MT - You've Done it

The Myth of the Working Manager - is Instant Hall of Fame Cast !

And I believe it should be in the essentials !

If I would recommend only a few MT Podcasts -- this would be the First or Second
next to ... "Welcome to They !"

Thanks, MT.


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I agree, it's up there on the "essential" list. Useful now, could have saved me a lot of headaches over the past few years. 


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I heard that cast and liked it. I am a working MANAGER myself. However, my work to some extend encompasses the work of my directs. This means that I do the same job/task they do about 25% of my time. Is that normal? I think it is ...

However, the concept of the WORKING manager was used to justify a reorganisation in my workplace. The "pure managers" were replaced by WORKING managers. In hindsight this seems odd to me.