Hi everybody.  Long time listener and book owner.  Despite being in a career occupation that is a three-ring circus, manager tools has been incredibly useful.  However, I've got a doozy to work through...

Long story short, a skip-level direct had been disparaging towards a support person on our broader team. This escalated into a highly disparaging statement being said about the support person in the cubicle farm and later in other shared spaces in front of coworkers and possibly clients. 

Note, I do not have sole hire/fire authority and thus routing through HR is required.

I immediately escalated to HR and set up a meeting later next week (circumstances dictated the delay)
  Upon being informed, they started threatening HR action on me. 

Do I say something or give feedback in the interim?   Shot across the bow?   This one has me stumped. 

Thanks for your thoughts and responses.

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Sorry about the multiple posts and edits.  For some reason things wouldn't post from my phone, so I had to redo from an actual browser/computer.  

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My first thought is to avoid getting dragged into a cowpie hurling derby with this person. If you engage in a back and forth you could make it look like it's just a squabble between the two of you. From your description it sounds as if there is verification of what actually occurred. Sounds to me like HR is exactly where this issue should be. I don't see any need or benefit to responding to his threats.