I'm in need of a catchy meeting name for our group.  We have a monthly departmental staff meeting to celebrate birthdays, company anniversaries, milestones, special recognitions, safety, and a little business as well.  Mostly this meeting is for communication and team building, since we have over 100+ employees in our department.  Our department is Procurement and our business includes Contract Development & Administration, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Investment Management, and Data Management for a global oil company.  For the last 4 years, we have called it PLSC Let's Celebrate.  (PLSC is an acronym for Procurement Leveraged Service Center)  But since we do more than just birthdays, etc. and our department has grown to over 100+ employees, we really need something new and motivational.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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Well we already have O3s in Manager tools so here is my suggestion:  Positive Leverage over Safety and Celebrations ( The PLSCx2 Meeting) or PLSC2 (squared or two) for short.

Positive Leverage (a little business leads to positive leverage)

Safety (insurance for more celebrations)

Celebrations (birthdays, company anniversaries, milestones, special recognitions)

You could write it like:




If you really want to be original. 

Happy Days,




Positive thoughts attract success.

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M3's -> Mission, Mingling, and Merriment

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PSLC Social (although this title will make the high D and High C's in your group skip the meeting to do "real work" , if they aren't already doing so)

PSLC Town Hall Meeting (relevant if you have a forum for people to ask questions of senior management)

...and this last one goes completely against my D/C nature, so please do take this as somewhat tongue-in-cheek:

PSLC RUMBA (Recognitions, Updates, Milestones, Birthdays, and Anniversaries)



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perhaps put the request to the staff group

you could make it a bit of fun- a competition for a couple of weeks maybe and have something as a prize- perhaps something decent, or maybe just a fun 'joke' prize

staff could ask their children to name it? or staff could suggest names, and have a couple of the teams children sit on a panel to decide. Put it in their children's hands, genuinely let them decide on the winning name and see what happens... could be interesting and memorable.


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