I had one of my employees tell me yesterday that she will be transferring out of the group and was giving me 8 weeks notice. She is transferring to a foreign branch for personal reasons.

On hearing this, I told her to cancel an upcoming training next week that she was looking forward to you. I saved about 15k from my budget in cancelling the training. I also told her that I would like her transfer to be effective 6 weeks from now instead of 8 weeks since the timing works out perfectly for the organization (She ends her current assignment in six weeks and I do not have to worry about finding something else for her to do for the Two extra weeks and then worry about transition).

I feel like an ass doing this but felt it was in the best interest of the organization. The employee was not happy.

Did I do the right thing?

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Isn't the reason you ask for notice so that you can make adjustments?

Did she consult with YOU to find out if you would be happy with her transfer?


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Your job is to do what's best for the organization. If it benefits the organization more to send someone else in her place, then you did the right thing.

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Your responsibility is to the organization. 15k is a pretty big savings. The last two weeks, I might be pretty flexible on that. Did she know her assignment was done in 6? Why didn't she pick 6 instead of 8?

Anyway, it was pretty cool of her to tell you. She could have said nothing and gone to the training. Waited until her project was finished and then gave you 2 weeks notice.

I would contact her new boss, same company right? I'd see if he wanted to absorb the cost of the training. Then I'd find the work for her those last 2 weeks. I wouldn't feel bad if I couldn't swing the training, but I'd try.

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Firstly, the 15 k savings that I mentioned includes the revenue she would generate in a week (we are in consulting).

There was also no way for her to hide the fact that she was transferring since she is going into a group that is run by a close associate of mine.

I believe the Two additional weeks that she was looking for after the assignment's end was to get her affairs in order for the move (basically, bench time)

It much clearer to me now that what I did was right. The organization has to come first.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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I would think about the value of that last two weeks. I would assess if there is value in her being able to spend time concentrating on an effective handover/windup or whether she could do a 'good enough' job trying to fit this in amoungst her regular 'billable' work during the other 6 weeks.

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Yes, you did.

Sometimes good management isn't popular.

Sorry this took so long.