Hi - I'm an adjunct professor of management at a large institution and have been asked to submit a proposal for a training seminar on "Change Management" at a HUGE local employer. 

At my previous employer, I was an internal trainer, so I don't doubt my ability to conduct the training. I have, however, never put together a professional proposal package. I'm about to start the Google-ing process, but was hoping for some help.

What should the proposal include? Do I detail the training or just give an overview of how I would break down the day? 

For cost --- I'm torn. I'm new to the "external trainer" world, but I AM an experienced trainer and instructor. I'd like to be low-cost enough to get my foot in the door, but don't want to underestimate myself. This company has a huge training budget, but I'm not sure where to price myself.

Help is SO appreciated!


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Actually Googling  was very useful to me when I was doing a similar task.   It was helpful to know what other proposals looked like, even if I didn't decide to use exactly the same format or content.    It also helped to look not only at Training proposals, but other Professional Services proposals and statements of work (SOW).    I just took the sections I thought were appropriate to build my own template.

I decided to have four sections:

1. Overview - this page was like the Executive Summary, describing the original request and the high level outline of the program you're proposing.

2. General Information - this section has 3 parts:

2a. Objectives - description of the objectives for the training, why does the customer want to create this training, what business and training goals does the customer want to meet.

2b. Audience - description of the proposed audience for the training, including background and learning needs.

2c. Additional Requirements - description of any other requirements that the training program must satisfy, such as language, geography, online/offline content, delivery type (classroom, webinar, workshop, etc), any pre-requisites.

3. Program Outline - this is where the actual description of the program would go, format can be a course agenda with timings if training is typical instructor-led delivery over several hours/days, or section can be broken into multiple parts for a larger program or if other delivery formats are involved.

4. Trainer Information - short bio of the trainer, highlighting relevant knowledge and credentials.


Good luck with your proposal!



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First, consider framing your proposal in such a way as it identifies a problem, then shows how your training resources will solve it. You don't necessarily have to be blunt, but you can infer it.

Second, are you a member of  a professional training organization such as ASTD here in the US? If so, they may have a consultants Special Interest Group (SIG). They can help you with pricing.

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Thanks so much! I've started work on it. Would you include pricing in the Program Outline section or additional requirements? 

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I would actually suggest pricing be in a separate document such as a quote or invoice.     That document should then reference the proposal for the program description.

There are a few advantages to this both for you and the customer:

  • Allows the customer to share the program information with their whole team, including those that really don't need to know (or they don't want to know) the pricing.
  • Allows you to include terms&conditions (eg who owns copyright of materials, who can cancel and how much notice, refund policy) and disclaimers to your quote.
  • Allows you to provide pricing options and potentially "negotiate" the pricing - eg discounts for multiple deliveries, etc.

Depending on how much money is involved, you might want to consider having a lawyer review the terms&conditions/disclaimers to ensure you've covered potential pitfalls.

Hope this helps!



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 Great suggestion. I have included it as the last page of the proposal - easily removed before circulation. Can't tell you all how much I appreciate your input - this has been a process. I'll let you know if I get the contract!