Hi all,

This is my last choice.

The latest development is that the propective company B would like to raise the basic salary offered and raise the position up one level (assistant manager to manager).

That makes my decision even more difficult.  I promise to reply the hiring company asap.

I tried to list out all the parameters and do the evaluation.  Could you give me some thoughts?  agree/ disagree?  which parameters are most important?  Do I miss out any important information?  Thanks alot!!


Company A - around 100 in my area.  A branch office.  Currently undergoing restructure - layoffed off two times in the last two months already.  The CEO said there might be some layoff coming until end of 2009.  Future of the Campany A is unconcern as I do not see the management have clear direction to bring the business forward in the competitive enviornment.  They seem to have no clue.

Company B has more solid operation,  around 500 employees.  Much much more diversve product portfolio and much larger client base.  Not sure about its future.  But its business seems stable and stay in the top 5 players in the market.


Company A - Assistant Manager, no subordinate.  The good thing is I do a lot of high level tasks, e.g. strategic planning, also have visibility of P&L and some management on it.

Company A - Manager, 4 subordinates.  the good thing is I have minimal formal leadership experience so far.  I like working with people.  And I enjoy being a leader and manager.

Pay - more or less the same

Relationship with Colleague 

Company A - Excellent relationship with my boss and my boss' boss and the management team.

Company B - uncertain.  i feel that my potential boss likes me as they are trying their best to bring in into their team.  I also have a friend's friend's friend working under the same boss.  The friend said her boss (same boss as mine if I join) is not a good boss.  She is very emotional.  I cannot feel that in the interview.  but will also take this point into consideration.

Other consideration 

I have been quite jumpy in my history, stay around only 1 year in my last 2 jobs.  So, before I joined my current one, I decided that I at least stay for 3 years.  So, with ths factor, i plan to stay for at least a year longer.

The worry is if I decide to stay, my company may layoff me next month

What a dlemma.  Some inspiration please : )





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Also, i would like to thank M&M for the Interview series.  I am a big fans of them.


Really make me differentiate from the most candidates.

in my recent job search, i submit one application and got an offer after 2 rounds of interviews.


Thanks, really good stuff

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  1. I'm confused as to why you are reconsidering.  You seem to only be reconsidering for more money and a title change.  If that is it, don't change your mind.  Or did you really like the job but the money was too low?  Or is it really additional responsibilities that were added?
  2. You say that Company A has no clue about what it wants to do.  Is that really true?  Do you believe there is someone in the management chain that can bring it around?  Do you have any reason to believe that the leadership may change?  If not, it seems like a bad choice to stay.  In my experience, nothing is worse than a company that is floundering because the leadership is not there.
  3. The comment about the boss for Company B is a hard one.  How much do you trust the source?  Are they a good judge of people or bosses?  There are bad bosses out there but there are also bad employees who blame things on their boss.  You've got to judge the quality of your source.  I'd ask for some specific instance of what she did rather than accept a comment like "she's too emotional".  What does that mean?  Does she start screaming and yelling?  Is she making decisions based on facts?  I can't imagine that she's sitting around crying all day.  It could be that the employee is a high-C and she's not.
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Thanks Mussunshine, good suggesions,  thanks.  I will answer your question shortly.

Another question from me:  Can I accept the offer now and then withdraw it during the waiting period?  Reason is that my current boss is not around for 1.5 weeks.  I expect that he may have some retention offer for me.  So, at that time, if I change my mind because of , e.g. money, position, role, etc, and decide to stay in Company A, what will be the impact?  Integrity is important to me.  I don't want to appear to be an axxhole who is trying to buy time and occupy two offers for a period.  But the truth is I may be interested in the retention offer because the two offers are very close now...

One more thought, as my career is start a consulting firm in marketing strategy, the role in Company A fits that better.  Just that I don't kknow how long the company/ I can still survive.  And, a job is important to me as I currently undergo a career change.  So far, I only have 2 yrs experience in aset management.  I need more continusuou experience to demonstrate my ability.


Thanks : )