BLUF: Do I continue with the planned follow up procedure if the hiring manager let me know things were behind schedule?

It’s been over two weeks since my interview and I have followed up using the MT-prescribed call and then email. The hiring manager emailed back to let me know that interviewing was taking longer than planned and let me know that the team had really liked me. (Yes, maybe just being nice, but he did email back.) They have one more interview to go and then can get back to me with where they stand.

Do I continue to follow up on schedule? I feel like I have achieved the desired result and now just need to keep myself in their minds without being annoying. My initial thinking is to wait until the end of next week and follow up with a touching base-type email, which seems to be the preferred communication method.

I need some feedback, please!

Also, to anyone still on the fence: the Interviewing Series is easily the best money I have ever spent on anything work-related! If nothing else, the price is worth the confidence with which you walk into an interview. But there's so much more!