I recently received an offer for a position that I am very excited about.  I am excited about everything except the vacation time.   The new company is offering 1 week of vacation per year for the first five years.  My current company offers 2 weeks per year, and I am 5 months away from earning 3 per year based on my tenure. 

Beyond this, the new company and offer are better than my current situation in every way.  Can I ask for more vacation time? Should I?  I definitely do not want to blow the offer.


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I would definitely bring it up.  Do it professionally and I see very little risk of blowing the offer.

I'd take the concern to either the hiring manager or the HR representative, depending on the company.   I would simply explain that, starting next year, you've earned 3 weeks and having to go back to 1 week for another 5 years is really a weak point in their offer.

Some companies are flexible about the amount of vacation time you start off with, especially when they are looking for an experienced hire.  They probably face this situation regularly.

Your negotiating position depends on whether you have already accepted the position or not.  If you've already accepted, then your position is not quite as strong but it still doesn't hurt to ask.

The key is to get it done right away.  Not the kind of thing you want to wait to address until you start.  You'll have 5 years to regret it if you don't ask now.

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How wonderful that you're so excited about the position!  (Today, not all get to choose a job they want...but rather have to choose a job based on need.)

I'm currently in a similar situation.  I recently celebrated my 1 yr anniversary with this organization...with limited vacation time.  (15 PTO days)  Those won't increase until I've been here 5 yrs. 

AND, I absolutely love  the position, organization, and coworkers.  For me, the trade-off has been worthwhile.  We both know that "time flies", and 5 yrs will be here before you know it!

Best of luck with your decision as well as your future!


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I think it depends on a few factors. My biggest one would be: is your role big enough to get HR to make an exception a policy for you? How badly does the company want you?

I'm not sure if I'd ask or not, but you have to ask yourself: if they say No, would you still take it? If they say "no, and now we rescind our offer", how upset would you be?

You ask about "negotiating". What are you willing to offer in return for the extra week off that they would not get from someone who just took the one week?