I was looking to rebuild my network (after a life time of neglect). I have a starting point – around 100 connections via LinkedIn (and probably a few hundred more if I go looking).
Does anyone have advice on the best ways to communicate with people that you haven’t talked to in years (sample email text would be good)? While a lot of my past contacts I believe an update on me, family and role will be a good opener, the following are examples that I’m currently having a mental block with:
1)      Ex-big bosses (level above your ex-boss). The individual I have in mind is someone I’ve met and talked to twice.
2)      Recruiters (a couple very high level – brilliant to have in my network).
3)      Ultra-High D’s – for the individual I have in mind, traditionally I had to start any conversation with “You might be going to prison ...” to get his attention.
4)      People that you have a negative relationships with (I’m high D and have rubbed a number of people up the wrong way in the past – time to rebuild some of those bridges).

Any assistance greatly appreciated.