Hi everybody,
Last week, I read the book "Never Eat Alone" which included an idea of creating a filtered contact list in order to filter contacts by regions (so that you can give them a call when you are in their area) and reach-out rating (Ping every month, ping every year,...). In the book, the author recommended LinkedIn and also mentioned that you can also have not registered contacts in your address book in LinkedIn. However, I had to find out that for those contacts it is not possible to add tags, so they will not appear in your list once you selected for a specific city/reach-out rating.
An alternative would be to using Google contacts, but then the benefits of having automated updates about the person (as LinkedIn provides) are gone...

So my question would be: Is anyone in this community aware of any software, website, app, method,... which can manage AND update such a list in a better way than Google contacts alone?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences.

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I'm going through the process of cleaning up my contact list. I like Google Contacts, since it syncs across my phone, laptop, etc.

I just found a plugin for gmail called "raportive" (look for If you use gmail, it displays column listing the senders linkedin profile.

I haven't found anything better than google contacts yet, but I'm still looking!