At what point - if ever - is it appropriate to follow up on a networking discussion to ask your contact to help you make a connection that he or she offered? I had a drink with a friend of a friend about a month ago, and he offered to connect me with several people in organizations that I'd very much like to learn more about/consider for opportunities. He said he'd email them and copy me on the emails, so I'm assuming that he hasn't done it. FWIW, I did email him about 10 days ago asking if he happened to know anyone at X firm (he suggested when we met that I continue to use him in that way). He emailed back to say that he didn't, and that was it - no mention of the previous meeting or offers.

I'm guessing I'm out of luck here but wanted to get others' take on whether I should be more aggressive in asking for follow up.


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It sounds to me like you've already followed up and didn't get the response you'd hoped for.

If you listen to the most recent Career Tools cast (Asking your network for an opportunity) M&M mention only about 5% of the people out there know how to take action on such a request.  It sounds like you've touched on one of the 95%.  For now, I'd recommend you let it go.  Instead, spend some time reaching out to 99 others in your network. 


  Good luck!


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 I think what Michael said is pretty accurate! I would continue to keep in touch with the contact, updating him on your activities, and maybe he'll finally follow through!