Found this article on Fast Company on Networking....A lot of the things that Laura says ties into what M&M preach..

I do admit that part of my interest in the article is that I am one of the 16,000 contacts...and we have chatted (about WOM Marketing).

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I have a hard time believing that she can stay in regular touch with 16,000 people. To touch them all 16,000 people just once per year, she'd need to touch over 40 of them a day, 7 days a week. If she were to follow Mark's suggestion of doing it quarterly, the number jumps to 175 people per day.

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I love the story, and hope that folks don't balk at the numbers (Paul - there are ways to be efficient about that amount of contact.)...because just doing that with FIFTY people would help most people's careers (and lives) immeasurably.