I never had any kind of promotion. No one in my family or friends ever did either. No one in any company I have have worked for or known ever moved up. I have only ever seen sideways steps after people get board in there role. I am learning lots from the casts

I am 34, my job has always been a great place to be "for now" but i think I need to shift to a path that at least has the possibility of progression,

Questions, is it worth a step down to get to a place where there is movement.?

is it worth a pay-cut to get some autonomy?

Are there some industry's and environments that just don't believe in progression? My workplace talks about it like it's an old fashioned idea that I shouldn't be so attached too. And they use the fact they never moved up as reasoning.

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Licensee BadgeTraining Badge is hard to answer your question. I'm not sure who "they" are when you say "they never moved up."

Are you following the current casts? (parts 1 and 2)

Focus on results (of course) but also seek to understand the broader business you are in:

(The part concerning "briefing your business" is the hidden gem.)

Also, for context you may wish to listen to:

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 Thanks so much for the pointers to those casts. I had listend to the new ones, I hadn't heard the older one and it' was really useful. 

Sorry I wasn't clear, when I said they I ment the managers and leaders in the company I am in were all recruited externally and the only movement is side steps.

the cast on promotions was what got me thinking because the attitude Where I work is.

1) the reward for a great job is keeping your job

2) promotions are old fashion. Were a modern company you can have a Career experience to let you develop but at the end you will go back to your job and it's someone else's turn to develop. 

I thought it was a recession thing, but now I am not so sure. I am a trainer. I have the best results record of anyone who worked In my job. I think I am answering my own questions as I wright. 

This isn't so much of a question any more. Thanks for the pointers I think I need to ask when I can be more specific

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Here is another cast for you to consider. Depending upon your work may be in a position to take on additional tasks and responsibilities: