Hello Everyone!

I have been listening to the casts for a while and have really helped. I stepped into a manager role in March of this year. However, now I come seeking help! Here is the situation:

I will be taking on a new team in addition to my current team. My current team has been on the manager tools trinity for about 5 months now and it is working really well. On the other hand, the new team has the following issues:

1. One key seasoned member is demoralized.

2. There are two C-level members. (A-D).

3. Have to groom a new supervisor.

Here are my action steps:

1. Make an assessment of the entire team.  

2. Roll out the trinity. 

3. Make a promotion plan for the new supervisor. 

The old manager I am replacing was really authoritative and hard on everyone. I go by the lead by example, ask for things rather than demand them approach.

On my current team, I have to also make a promotion plan for the person "replacing me". I'll be focusing on higher level things while the two supervisors on each team handle day-to-day with me always involved (looped in). 

That was a brief of my current situation, the changes will be made public next week and effective on January 1st. Any ideas, comments or feedback is more than welcome.