Here's an article about a new leadership book, it's the advice he gives at the end that made me think to post it here:


"Be generous with your time and ideas, he said, and take the time to build successful relationships.

And finally, “Whatever you do, people notice. So don't think, if you wear a tie with a stain on it that people won't notice."


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 Augie, i like the advice: "be generous with your time and ideas". Thanks for posting it.

I was thinking to myself As i was listening to the manager-tools podcasts on effective meetings that i agree with the podcasts but i worried wheather in the name of productivity some people have not forgotten to  live life a bit more, and living life is nothing more than enjoying each moment and taking each moment to observe the impact of one's actions on others and demonstrate that one cares, sometimes by being generous with time by adjusting the schedule a bit to at tend to the situation that just presented itself. 

As a high i, as i have learned through manager-tools, i constantly need to discipline myself to keep my ideas to myself until the next greatest one come in and make the effort to put structure and respect that structure to the way i spend my time.  Every so often though i fall back into being too generous with my time and sharing too many ideas.  It bothers me because i see i lost productivity.  Intuitively i know i and the company have gained something else but That something is hardest to measure...