BLUF: I recently started a new job and in the interview I said I lived closer to the office than I really did, Do I tell my boss this?

My new work is 2 hours drive from my house, my parent live 20 mins away so I have been staying there during the week and heading home on the weekends.

The question is do I tell my new boss that I haven't been completely honest?

I do intend to move into the area in the next 3 or 4 months as its where we want to live. Is it worth maintaining the lie, or should I come clean and do have any advice on how to discuss this with him?

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if it were me i'd come clean and make a personal vow to never lie to your boss or anyone else ever again. If you get fired, it's because you don't live where you say you did or that you lied. Both of those things you did so you should own it. In my opinion, acting with integrity is more important than keeping a job that you likely shouldn't have anyway...

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Bad idea lying in the interview - I imagine you could have explained your situation and your employer wouldn't have had an significant issue with it (I presume you're showing up on time, which is what matters). 

That being said, I do not think that you need to press the issue if your living situation is not negatively impacting your results.  If the question comes up you can honestly say you are living in the city of your parent's house, without saying your parent's own the house. 

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Where you live for work purposes is where your parents live. They probably wouldn't have had an issue if you explained what your plans were during the interview. At this point, assuming it has no impact on your work, why bring it up.