Hello everyone,

Six weeks ago I started a new job and now I think I may have made a mistake.

I was in a middle management position and on very good terms with leadership. I left for a big salary increase and to work in a brand new facility for a company I think has a brighter future.

My new position is ok but has a much more strict schedule and longer hours. There's a lot less flexibility and I don't have the discretionary time I had at my last job for creative work. This was all mentioned on the interview but downplayed, and I minimized it in my mind because of the positive aspects of the new job.

Now I'm wavering almost hourly about whether I should call my old boss and try to return to the old company. Anyone have experience or advice in this area?

Thank you

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I think I can understand your position..

It is possible that this big difference that you are feeling is also caused by the change in the role/company/enviroment/management...

Probably you could wait lets say 3-4 months and check out if it getting better.. 6 weeks is too short to have a sharp view..

of course this is an external opinion.. but try to keep calm and adapt as much as you can..


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Lots of people leave their employer only to return shortly afterwards. If you're unhappy and don't feel the big salary increase is worth what you're giving up then do something about it. I'm not necessarily saying that you need to leave, maybe there are actions you can take that will change your current role more towards your preference.

It wouldn't hurt to contact your old employer and see what the scope for returning is. This would be better done sooner rather than later in case any opportunity closes.

Always do what's right for you. The grass is defnitely not always greener on the other side!

Good luck with your choices.

Simon @ WittensWorld

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Hi synapsid -- It's really quite common to not like your new job during the first several months.  We have a cast called "I Hate My New Job" and you can find it here:

We have several other casts I think you might find helpful.  You can find them in our Map of the Universe ( under Transitions > New Job.

I hope this helps!

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