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What do you suggest to help me a good impression, be engaged, and prepare for starting for a new job, which due to a long notice period with my current employer, will only start in 3 months?

I've resigned from my current job but am contractually obliged to stay 3 months, which my manager is happy for me to stay and work to hand over, and I have a signed contract to start in three months with the new company. 

I'm looking for guidance on timing and topics to engange with my new manager and team at the new company.

I am eager to start, learn about the new industry, be productive from the start, and not be "out of sight, out of mind" for three months after being hired.

Would offering to sign an NDA in order to receive company data relevant to my first tasks in the job early?  I'd like to engage and learn to prepare, and also don't want to be given a lot of (unpaid) work to do over the next three months, as I still have an obligation to my current employer.

Thank you, and all the best from Germany!


PS - With great help from the MT podcast guidance and the Interviewing Series, I went through a series of in-person interviews including luch with the team, and an hour long presentation to the executive team, I was offered the job before they even interviewed any other candidates in person - so a big thanks to you all at Manager Tools for the support and advice over the years !

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Congratulations for the new job.
what will be your new industry and what is your current ?
what will be your new post/title and what is your current?
if you could provide more information it will be better to give you clear advice.

all the best

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A discent pay rate

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I will make it my duty that I clean as I go about my tasks.

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I highly recommend reading or re-reading The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins.  It's a fantastic stand-by for helping to frame a new situation and come up to speed quickly.  Most of what I would say is better captured there.