I am a new supervisor in an old sawmill. Promoted to the position in February. I was the Quality Control supervisor (0 directs)


-1st time supervisor, previous job experience was a technician for a sawmill machinery company. 0 mgt/sup experience

-supervising VETERAN crew of 15 accustomed  to strong handed supervision.

-Very noisy, very busy and little time/opportunity to pull an operator off a machine for one on ones


-good crew, been working together for decades. normal family with a few rivalries but nothing poisonous

-crew eager to succeed and

-So far, eager to help me succeed

-no real malcontents, a few grumblers but nothing serious

-good people who know their jobs


Questions for the group:

How well do MT work in an industrial setting?

What are the adjustments that need to be made?

Any advice on succeeding with this group?