A peer of mine is leaving for a new role and I am going to be picking up a small team. Two managers (directs) and around 5 team members. Speaking with my manager my aim is to wind the work down - spread it across rest of our org (save resource where possible) and stand the whole team down. 

They wont lose their job as the company will find other work for them but they will be very unhappy with it. 

 Any advice on how to approach this? I can't be up front with them for policy reasons, union and it might impact the chances to reduce. 



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I have not been in this situation, neither as direct nor as manager. All I think reading your post is: who is finding the new job for those people?The best answer I can give to your question is the the best answer to my question: You are finding those people new responsibilities and opportunities and the change will be easier and they will be more motivated.

Talk to HR, let them help you.

i would do it like this: get a selection of possible opportunities for each direct, before you talk to them. Tell them the truth, that they are needed and useful, but the role they are in is not. Let them know that you value what they do and that you see their skills being put to great use in those now roles.

give them time to think, than make a plan for the transition. This will keep them motivated for the time you need them to do the old job.


Like I said: this is what i would do.




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This situation is badly structured ... your boss is asking you to effectively lie to your subordinates, and they ** WILL** catch you in the lie eventually.  If you do what is asked and roll work off these folks to others, they will smoke out what is happening and you are going to end up looking like a rat. A manager who develops a reputation for screwing his people is in trouble.

Put a plan together, talk to your boss, and figure out how to do this in a more open fashion. At the very least, accelerate the pace and get it done.  Get the jobs found, make the transfers, and do the reorganization quickly.