Greetings! (This is mostly a thank-you for the resource)

I am a new manager (<1yr) in the public sector (municipal government). I was placed as interim manager last year and began searching for resources that would help me be effective. I am very grateful to have stumbled upon Manager Tools! I began One-on-One's my very first week, and they proved more valuable than I could have dreamed. I've tried to soak in as many podcast episodes as possible. Because I am coming into this podcast so many years after its inception, I have little use for keeping up with new episodes. Instead, I search for those casts that provide insight into my current situation - and I love it!

The information is definitely timeless - episodes from 13 years ago help me today! Thank you Mike and Mark for providing this incredible resource! I am in school for an Masters of Public Administration, which gives me the public-sector-specific guidance, but MT has given me so many general tips and tricks for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Most information is absolutely relevant to the public sector. 

I'm having a little trouble getting started with the official feedback model. I know it will work, I'm just nervous. I know I shouldn't be because it's what I desire from my manager! The big hurdle is the incredible amount of employee turnover that makes new initiatives difficult. 

Anyways, Thank you all for your gudiance and support. It is insane that this is a free podcast!!! I hope to join you all on the forums (if it is even still active). 

- Jeremy

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Welcome  & Congrats.


I would say that just starting the One-on-Ones gets you a very long way.

Keep it up.


Be patient with yourself and your organization.

Build the realationships -- don't rush the cake or it will not bake correctly.

If you have not yet been able to implement FeedBack ---  then I would suggest that you do this in the meantime.

As usual the Manager Tools Folks have already anticipated your concern ....

"There is a 'cast for that "

Try these PodCasts -- they get you a little closer.


Yes, Please Praise, Thank You


Positive Feedback Before Its Time


Negative Feedback Before Its Time



Good Luck