Recently I have been appointed as a Marketing manager. I have had some minor supervisor roles in the past, but this is by far the biggest role I have ever had. By nature I am a joking, funny type of person that enjoys making people laugh. I have been noted for my good verbal communication and motivation. My concern is that ballancing having a good time and a laugh and also showing responsiabilty and maintaining respect.

Can anyone help with some suggestion on how to keep your personality but also go to the next level that is not one of the boys, but still approachable. This is an areas I am most concerned. I want to change but not drasticly.

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Think in terms of context. When you're establishing what's to get done by when, you should be serious (but not grim or mean). Don't joke when you're giving feedback.

But when you're in a problem solving mode, working together, a light touch is helpful.

So much of humor is contextual that it would be hard to say exactly. Have a serious mode (again, it can be light and friendly, but not jokey-funny) and you will be taken seriously when you switch into it.


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#1 Humor always has a seed of truth, or it isn't funny.
#2 Humor is often at the expense of other people.

Now that you're in a supervisory role you have to be careful. Don't get me wrong; humor's great. Don't give up your humor. It's part of who you are. But be very aware of how you wield it. It's another tool. And it's a bladed tool.

As M&M say, your directs aren't laughing at your jokes because they're funny.