OK, so I just discovered this site and listened to the first podcast (first one-on-one). I plan to listen to many of these over the coming days.

So... they addressed this issue of "I don't have enough time"... sort of. Mostly a matter of "do it anyway." I have my doubts about spending that much time each week, or even every other week, but I'd like to try this.

I have more than 10 employees and most of them are part time. Just the nature of the business. Should I be doing one-on-ones for part-timers? Is there a certain hour marker to say, OK, now I'll do it with you but not with you?


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Hi Cleoppa,

My experience (repeatedly) is that doing one on ones with your team members saves you time overall.

Firstly, you will get interrupted less because your team members will save things up for your O3

Second, it is more efficient to work through a few issues in a row in a scheduled O3, then with randomly distributed conversations - especially if your team can advise you advance of anything they particularly want to cover off in the O3

Third, because O3's are spaced out by a week, many issues are resolved by your team members before their next O3 and you never have to deal with those issues at all.

For partimers, it is fine to run the O3 less often - say every 2 weeks.  But don't stretch it out any further than that or they stop being about relationship building.

hope that helps