6 months ago our VP made some changes to his team. From 3 reports he moved to 7. The manager i was reporting to became my peer and I also started reporting to the VP in a slightly different role.

Someone joined our team (no experience with our team) and they were moved from an AD to a Director level. I'm at manager level and the next step up is AD. Everyone else reporting to the VP is either AD or Director.

I spoke to the VP that I recognize I didn't get an official promotion and I'm the only AD that I'd be pushing for one through my hard work and results.

I'm happy to prove my worth, but I would like input from you on what I provide to him to justify this and how hard I push for this.

I'm not a great self promoter (in fact I hate it) but I've also learnt the hard way, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Your input would be appreciated.




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 It would be helpful to know what the VP sees as the distinction between a Manager and an AD.

Then go for that - if possible.

Did he recognize the difference ?

What was his response ?