Hi fellow MT listeners!

Due to a reorginazaton I will soon be given a team of 8 directs to manage who are current peers. I am looking for recommendations on how to structure a weekly staff meeting and how to schedule weekly O3s. 

Weekly Staff - Currently members of the team I will be managing have very lax conference calls that occur 3 times a week (M/W/F) for approximately 30 minutes per meeting. I am looking to eventually, over 1-2 weeks, get the team to have one weekly staff meeting on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning for around 45mins - 1 hour. In this meeting I would look to have time to have a water-fall portion to relay new company updates/insights and the remaining time split between the technician groups to determine what each sub-group needs or has questions about. 

Weekly Staff Question - Will the delayed implementation of a single weekely staff meeting be superior for a group of directs resistant to change or should I make the change to a single weekly meeting more abruptly? This would of course include communication notifying of the change a week in advance. Is there enough benefit to create a second conferece call with the main objective to facilitate communication mainly between the technicians as they are apart of a newly formed team?

O3 - Once I am able to reduce the amount of meetings to the weekly staff meeting I will implement O3s. Due to the nature of our service technicians schedule it may prove troublesome to truly schedule time to make the meetings if they are in the middle of a job. I have began to look at scheduling O3 meetings for Tues-Thurs mornings and afternoons excluding the weekly staff meeting time frame. 

O3 Question - With having schedules that may not allow for the technicians to completely stop work at a given time, how should I go about scheduling the phone call to the direct? If the direct is scheduled for a O3 at 9am and is not available due to running late on a service call at a customer location should I have the direct notify me when available to start the O3 and call back when available? Alternatively, should I reschedule the O3, or create a large enough gap (30mins?) between O3 calls incase I run into this likely issue to ensure O3s can work as intended?

Thanks for the help and I look forward to implementing the Trinity soon with my new team. 


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Congratulations your expanded Role -- And Good luck in the transition.

I recommend 3 Podcasts - some are multi part - right now :


* There is a Podcast about Weekly Meetings and what should be reported and covered.  They can be relatively short.  If more time consuming topics come up -  Schedule a different meeting or Extend the staff meeting only for those people who have to be there for that topic.


* Start O3's right away - they are more important than Staff Meetings.  -- Do it, do it now.

Roll them out at your next Staff meeting and start them within 2-3 weeks.

- Listen to the Podcast about rolling out O3's



* O3 Question about schedules and work stopping....  O3's are scheduled -  everyone knows when they are.
It is your and your direct’s professional responsibility to manage your own calendars. 
Take the Middle Man test :
If you had a standard meeting time with your Boss - what would you do to always be there on-time ?  How would you communicate to your boss if you can't make it.

In short --- making it to the O3 is their responsibility and considered as "meeting deadlines"  Don't tolerate from your Directs things that you don't think your boss should tolerate from you.

They are adults.

They are professionals

Let them figure out what a good time on their calendar is for the standard weekly O3's

Let them figure out how to make it on time.

Let them figure out how to communicate for delays and re-schedules


Good Luck