Mark and Mike, congratulations on launching your new podcast! I have just subscribed to it in addition to the Manager Tools cast.

I absolutely love the theme music you use - I think it's musically the best and also the most appropriate of any podcast I subscribe to - but I was wondering if you had thought about using slightly different music for Career Tools. It's not a big deal, but I find it just a little disconcerting to hear the same music used on a cast that has a different focus. Perhaps the same musician(s) produced similar music that you could use? It's just a suggestion; I can think of several reasons why you might want to keep the same theme for both casts.

And thanks again for all you do! Manager Tools has been a fantastic learning experience for me, and I've applied much of what you've said to my job (where I manage projects, but don't have direct reports). I can confidently expect that Career Tools will be equally valuable. I'll be emailing a link to this newest podcast feed to many colleagues.

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When I heard my first Career Tools Podcast I thought the same thing, oh it's the same theme music as Manager Tools, I expected it to be different. But then further into the Podcast I found myself realising, oh it's the same *quality information* as MT. Good, useful, practicable information. My opinion: keep the music the same; it sets the right tone.

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Thank you both. To be frank, we gave only a moment's thought to using different theme music for Career Tools. Simply put, we saw limited value in changing the theme music, and several benefits for keeping it the same (consistent branding).

And to be even more frank, neither of us have any energy at all around even the consideration of different theme music. :-)