Hello everyone;

This week I had a "HOF" moment when I was listening to an old MT cast about calendar management. Mark was mentioning about how when he looked at executive's calendars and their priorities it did not match. As soon as I heard that I had a great idea.

I do a Drucker Analysis weekly (especially now that I am in a new position) and the idea I had was to match up what I did in the Drucker Analysis to my day planner. To say the least I was very shocked. I had thought that I was fairly disciplined but I did find that I do not get the most out of my block time as I could. I am looking at other ways to improve this. The Drucker Analysis became a great way to analyze how my actual work compared to my scheduling.

I don't know if this was mentioned before but in all of my excitement of this idea I thought that I would share it.

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Way to Go!

If I recall correctly, blocking time on your calendar each week to review/ponder your annual goals is mentioned in the "How to Set Annual Goals" podcasts.