Mike and Mark,

I've just started 1:1 with my 10 direct reports and will initiate 1:1s with members of a matrix project team when they all get back from their annual leave.

We've only met twice, but as a result the first discussion with my boss for the year was perhaps the most productive we've ever had!!

I'm a complete convert.

Thanks a thousandfold for your advice and guidance.

Canberra Australia

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I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. Glad you're with us, and glad you're becoming more effective.


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I've also tried quite a few other new things since then.

I introduced the Parking Lot to a meeting agenda and that afternoon the inbox got hit with a message reading "great meeting today"!. I might not be a meeting GOD yet, but it's a start.

I'm really really struggling with the feedback though. My initial starts were all stumbles and I'm unsure how to get it going again.

thanks for your guidance.


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Just keep going. It feels awkward (okay, I felt stupid on a few occasions and that's one feeling I hate above all). It's okay. Keep going. Give more feedback. Use the model; it works. Remember it's all about breathing it.