Hi, I have been registered for a while but have never got round to doing my bios (I think).
I live in horse country - Newmarket. Work in Cambridge. Trained as an Architect (need that capital in UK - it's a legal thing). Only had three jobs in 20 years (I am thinking this is southern DiSC).
Currently Director of PM with a small but interesting property development company (£150m turnover - 13 employees). Started 10 years ago as a contract position - Technical Architect. Married 16 years, three kids - podcast on how that changes your outlook on life!

I have no directs. I do have around £30m of projects on the go with external consultants. I work with a company where everyone is too busy with bringing in work to consider proper management in a serious way. The work is extremely exciting and varied. I am amazed at how fresh it seems after so many years.

I started listening to MT to grab some nice podcasts. Then I got addicted. To be honest (yes Mark - I mean without embroidery) I am enjoying the insight into corporate USA.

Mark and Mike have got a good thing going. Hope it keeps up until I retire.



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Thanks for your bio and for all the support of other members in the forums. We're glad you're here.

Trust me: NEVER is when we'll do a cast on marriage. Man's got to know his limitations.

And we have every intention to stay around til you retire.