Has anyone read that ? Any interest for a small company owner ?



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Yes, I have, and blogged on it:

Not worth it.


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oops sorry Mark, I hadn't see it.

So I changed the title of the Topic accordingly.

Here is my list of possible next books :

- "the wisdom of teams" (advice from P. Lencioni)
- "crucial confrontations" (I liked "crucial conversations")
- another book from Marschal : any ideas ? (I read "what got you here won't get you there")
- "the 4-dimensional manager" (about the DISC method)
- "the 4 hour work week" (I really don't know about this one)
- "the dip" (Godin)
- "small is the new big" (Godin)
- "made to stick"

And if you have any recommendation about the following subject :

- how to get your directs used to do what they have commited to do ! (I firstly thought the knowing-doing gap was about this)

Yes ... I take another 10 days off in a few weeks 8) , so I need fuel.

Thanks for your advices.


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I have read "The 4 hour work week" and "Small is the new big". The former uses a really entertaining writing style and contains useful workflow tips. The author challenges the reader to break with convention, which I personally found quite useful and have recommend to friends who have a higher than average risk tolerance. In a word, fun.

"Small is the New Big" is another in Seth Godin's line, another convention breaker. This book was great for disrupting conventional wisdom about customer service and marketing.

For a business owner, I think these books are worth the time. For a line manager, merely interesting.

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Based on what you've been posting, read Teams.

Frankly, I don't see any that are bad...and in 10 days, why not read them all? :-)


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I won't try to challenge you on that Mark, you're too fast for me and ... I am just talking about the books written in English ! I need to save some time for the French ones :wink:


Thanks for the advice, I think i'll pick up those two too !

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Oh ! One more : what about "true north" from Bill George ?