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Mike, Mark,

Today I was asked to come for the career counseling for my children at their school. It was an interesting discussion with what kind of pressure, distraction as well as different environment the children face as well as what can be done from us as parents to make things easy for them. It was the first time I had stepped in to a school in the last 8 years.(Busy, busy, listening to manager tools brought some changes!!). I have also read in the podcast many members let their children hear your podcast, so the kids know who Mike and Mark are.

While being a good manager also has equal responsibility to be a effective parent. My question is, what advice/ guidance would you give to the generation who would take the managerial role in the next 5 to 7 years time.

I hope you would come out with some series of podcasts in the near future for the Teens and Tys. Cant wait to pass it on to them. I think this is the time we sow the seeds of Management traits in them. I see no better person to turn to than this forum and to you. I am sure you both are already preaching things on your personal front on this and would help us too with your wisdom.

Thanks and Regards

I guess we never had the kind of resources at their age in our time,which would have made a significant difference.(NO regret though for where we are!!).

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My son has decided he wants to go to the Air Force Academy. The requirements for entry are extremely high. He's a smart kid, all honors classes forever. This year he's added in student government and AFROTC (and drill team). At 14, it's a lot to have the next 8 years all planned out; he has a dream, and a goal.

We listened to the hand shake podcast together, and practiced together. In the guise of 'helping mom', I know my boy has a good handshake. As things come up that can be useful to him, we talk about them, sometimes I download the podcast to his ipod, and practice them.

I'm not sure I want my kids to have ALL the answers. A lot of things make more sense to me having learned the hard way. I will definitely give them every tool I can, though.

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Dear Mike and Mark,

as long as you have no special teen podcast, the current ones will do perfectly :D .

Scenes from my family life:

Scene 1:

I listen to the "Introductions" part of the inverviewing series whilst driving our family car with my wife and daughter (15) in the back. After a while I catch them practicing your handshake instructions, having a lot of fun together.

Scene 2:

My 17-year old son enters the kitchen and just utters a very teenagey grumble as a greeting. My daughter admonishes him that with THIS energy level he will NEVER get a job. He can´t say much as a defense - he loves your podcasts too. It´s all slowly sinking into his subsconscious mind as a reference standard.

Life will still have its own lessons, but hey - I was totally clueless, whilst my kids already have at least an outline of the map in their mind.

Thank you so much.