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A few weeks ago an associate in a contracting firm that supports our national office mentioned they were establishing a position in my area and asked for my resume (thanks, network building!).  Yesterday I had a phone interview with the manager.  After listening to the interviewing series, I put together all the prescribed materials.  At 8:00 AM I called the manager (per his request) with my corded phone in hand and all my papers laid out in front of me on the bed.  I had my introduction, "tell me about yourself" answer, accomplishments, weakness answer, questions for him, and close ready to go.  I had gone for a run in the morning so I was charged up, ready to be as high energy as I could.

But in the course of our 30 minute conversation, I was only asked three questions:

  1. What's your understanding of the position?
  2. What interests you in the position?
  3. Do you have any questions for me?

The first two I hadn't really rehearsed for but I gave my best understanding of the job then told him about how my interests and skills fit the job.  Good answers, I thought.

But the problem was the questions.  I had three ready to go about how he might see me fulfilling function x, or how my education my benefit function y...except the manager stole my questions out from under me.

Before asking me if I had any questions, he spent approximately 15 minutes illustrating specific achievements and past work from my resume (MT format, of course) and how he felt they would make me a great candidate for the job.  He also used examples that were not in my resume that he had heard about from the aforementioned associate.

I was astounded.  I asked some general questions about the position, what it was like working in a dispersed team, etc.  Unfortunately, I got cold feet, didn't close and immediately wished I had.

I don't know if this even qualifies as an interview.  I guess what's important is that I made it through this phase and on to the next round: phone interviews with the COO and a VP next week.  If the manager was really as impressed as he seemed, hopefully he'll pre-wire those interviews a little bit.