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Hi All -- It's great to be a member of this wonderful community! I'm lucky enough to count Mark as one of my very good friends. After 9 years with a large, national non-profit organization, I have recently been promoted to a vice president position. I am responsible for all activities - program and service delivery, volunteerism and fundraising - in the state of Arkansas with a total staff of nearly 40. I credit much of my success to the teaching, advice and guidance I've received from Mark over the past 7 years. (Can you believe it, Mark -- it's been 7 years since that first meeting at Jupiter Beach).
Thank you, Mike and Mark, for all the great tools! You guys are the greatest!

PS - The cute thing in the picture is Sophie. She always makes me smile when I've had a rough day!

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Welcome aboard Dani!

And yes, I CAN believe it. That's why I've been helping.