Hello All, 

Happy Holidays! I need some expert opinion/thoughts. I have a team of about 90 Technical Architects and I am planning on providing some non-technical training as part of our yearly conference. The last two years we had the following topics - Presentaiton Skills and Flawless Consulting. The first one was well received but the 2nd one was not. 

For next year, I am researching good training topics. This is for Technical Architects that are part of the Consulting team (of a software company). 

What topics have you tried? What has worked and what hasn't? Can you please give me a list of topics that your Technical Architect/Developers may have benefited from?



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Having just moved from being a senior technical architect to a line manager i do have some recommendations that may highlight areas where non-technical or soft skills were of use.

1. Communication skills

2. Presentation and public speaking skills (you said this had been completed)

3. Negotiation and Influencing Skills

4. Leadership Skills

5. Managing Time and Pressures

All those areas provided additional insights as to how the business works, how executives see the business (it's not normally the same view we have), how to get a point over and how to get decisions made that are best for the company.

I hope that points you in the right direction...