Hello everyone,

I recently joined manager tools to improve my resume and interview skills as I am now looking for a new job. Previously I have submitted my old resume and gotten some interviews; however after I updated it following manager tools guide, I have not gotten any responses at all. I personally think manager tools team really gave many many useful tips. I think my new resume looks better too, is there anything I could be doing wrong? Or could it because of the July 4 holiday weekend slowness?

I hope this is temporary..any input would be very very appreciated.



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Hi Franklin,

Based on my experiences it's probably the holiday.  If you're stateside then you're dealing with not only July 4th but vacations as well.  People were likely working hard to fill positions before the summer break - hence the calls.

When I was out of work I made it my job to put out 15 resumes a day.  This was at the end of November and I found that I didn't receive much response at first.  After the holidays things took off.  I was still getting calls months after I was hired in late January.  Stay focused and keep plugging my friend.  It will happen.

Best of luck!


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Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement! That makes total sense.. I got worried, but nowI will keep pushing.. Thanks again!

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Its slow all over. I have been working with several recruiters and we all have seen a slowdown.

I normally set a goal of apply for 8 hours or so a day every working day. This allows me to fill out properly all of the applications and do a little research on the company.

For what it’s worth I am currently trying a new method of contacting the HR rep directly through linked in, and building a relationship with the HR personnel. I started with a wild search of the HR professionals, in the area I want to work followed by writing a short message stating my interest of expanding my network with a company I want to work for. This has gotten me an interview I wanted. We will see if I get the position.

If the target company has an open house ... attend. I don’t know how politically correct it is but I have also gotten jobs by stalking the hiring manager. I knew everything about the hiring manager and during the interview we talked about his interests. This has not always worked but more often than not this has opened more doors than any other method.

Summary Chose a company, learn everything you can about the company, meet the people who are the decision makers, and follow up.

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First of all, thanks for sharing your idea! I really appreciate it. Yeah, it has been very slow, I have only gotten 3 interview (phone) opportunities so far (out of ~100 onine applications)..I think I did well on the interviw, but as Mark mentioned before, before you get an offer, you get nothing. So I am still actively searching instead of just sit and wait on them. As for the LinkedIn idea, wow, I will definitely try that. Very interestng approach and I think the HR will be impressed as you are going for the extra mile wih them. Please do update if you get the position you wanted with them when you have a chance!

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I did not get the position, due to not being a generalist contributor... all the while the manager talked about how his employees went behind his back to create tools to eaise their jobs.

For what its worth Peter Drucker praises specialists over generalists.