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I wanted to say thank you to Mark and Mike, echoing the statements of others. Yes, the Interview series works and is a steal at ten times the price. More than that, I wanted to speak to everyone who has wondered "What about interviews that don't fit their model?" or thought "I'm in tech and won't have any regular interviews." I can absolutely attest that they do a great job of preparing you for Nontraditional interviews.

I have just accepted an offer with a Web 2.0 company and went through an interview process that can best be described as a series of long conversations. I wasn't asked any "interview questions" and didn't get to give any of my answers as I had practiced them. But every bit of preparation that they recommend was effective and worked to prepare me. My 1 page resume got me in the door, and though I didn't get to send a cover letter I was prepared to sell myself in the short phone conversation I had while setting up my interview. My personal review for the "tell me about yourself" question helped me talk about my history without rambling even though it was much more conversational in final delivery. Practicing my Significant Achievement answers ment that I knew all the points to cover even if they didn't come out as rehearsed. I closed with enthusiasm and followed up with Thank You cards. There were some significant timing issues with my second interview and I didn't try to influence them at all. This turned out to be a huge plus in my favor and help me get the offer, no question. I even got to speak about topics from the regular podcasts in my interview and used Manager Tools as an example of learning about management.

I have now taken my first step from individual contributor to manager and it is because of Manager Tools. I want everyone to understand that the interview series does more than narrowly prepare you for behavioral interviews, it prepares you for talking about yourself and your career. Mark and Mike are spot on with every cast and recommendation. Now I'm listening to the other casts again and preparing to put their wisdom into action.

Thank You so much.

Canyon Russell

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We're THRILLED to hear about your success ... THIS is what makes our jobs the coolest in the world! Thanks for sharing with us.

All the best ... and let us know how we can continue to help in your new role!

Best Regards,

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Great story - and congratulations!


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[quote="cruss"]I have now taken my first step from individual contributor to manager and it is because of Manager Tools.[/quote]


Manager Tools opened the door for you, but YOU had to walk through it. Congratulations!


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Very interesting story, and with a very nice ending. :) Congrats~

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Great experience, Happy ending. Congratulations.
From another individual contributor. (Fighting some times Lonely war).


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Thanks for all the great responses.

[quote="wmarsha1"]Manager Tools opened the door for you, but YOU had to walk through it.[/quote]

I understand that now the hard work begins. I'm just so excited to have the opportunity.

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What a great detailed posting. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us. If that's any indication of the way you work then your new employer is very lucky to have you.

Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more postings from you in the forums.