In listening to the notepad and pen cast, I was reminded of designer Jason Santa Maria's recent goal to improve his handwriting. He asked his Twitter followers for some recommendations on books (I've included them below), but I found the books to be a bit more focused on calligraphy.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a resource to simply improve basic handwriting? It's not terrible, but it could definitely be better.

Here were the recommendations he came back with: @jasonsantamaria

The most promising of the handwriting book recs:,,,


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I have heard good things about "Write Now" by Getty and Dubai - available at Amazon.  I'm planning on getting it for my own improvement.

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Correction - "Write Now" by Getty and Dubay.  I should look at improving my typing skills also!

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I wanted to change my handwriting style to look more like a font I liked to use.  I went into the Font folder on my system and opened the font I wanted to mimic.  I printed out the font and the samples and made copies of the sheet.  I spent a few minutes each day for the next week filling the bottom of the sheet with my practiced recreation of the font and also making a contious effort to write in the same manner at all times.  In about a week I was able to write in that font style without even thinking about it.

Good Luck.

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Thanks, I'll try both.