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Due to popular request, we just rolled out something new we think you'll like –Notifications.
The new feature enables users to be notified by email of new blog posts, forum topics, or comments. Members can subscribe to either individual items (e.g., all the activity on a specific forum topic) or all new activity of a particular type (e.g., ALL forum activity).  You'll see the option for receiving notifications just below each blog post or forum topic.
Once you've subscribed to a particularly item, you can modify your subscription by visiting your Profile and selecting the Notifications tab.
By default, notifications are sent out once a day.  However, you can modify the frequency of notifications in your Profile.  You can also choose to have your notifications sent in a single email (digest).  You'll find a number of other options (e.g., automatically subscribing to any forum topic you post) in your Profile Notifications tab as well.
[Note: It's annoying and needs to be fixed, but the site doesn't currently make a great distinction between Blog Posts and Podcasts.  It's confusing, but for now, subscribing to Podcast notifications will include Blog Post activity as well.]
We hope this change proves useful.
Best Regards,

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Thanks Mike,

That's a welcome addition to the site's functionality.

-- Peter

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Hi Mike,

thanks for adding this. I've just set myself to auto-subscribe to threads I post to. That makes it much easier for me to see additional comments on the thread, which is very useful.

Thanks again,


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 Thanks.  I've been wanting to dive into the forums, and this helps.


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Notification that we have a Private Message could be useful too. Since I've been reading the forums through FeedDemon, I completely miss that I have received Private Messages.

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thanks mike  this is the good addition i really like it

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I have been looking to 'subscribe' to a thread and cannot find a way to be notified of thread activity. I did however stumble across the send email on newly received PM's.

Thanks in advance!

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I just set up my Outlook to get the RSS feed and get everything sent to that program. It allows me to read all new forum activity without opening an app on my phone or logging into the site.

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I only use Outlook in the office and have both a BlackBerry and iPhone for evening and weekends. I use Gmail as my personal email - any other options for those platforms?

Am I merely missing a checbox somewhere that would send an email upon subsequent thread activity?

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At the top of this post it mentions the following:
"Once you've subscribed to a particularly item, you can modify your subscription by visiting your Profile and selecting the Notifications tab."

How does one enable this feature?

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I must be missing it, but I don't see a way to get notifications on posts I create or reply to. The only thing I can see is Favorites, but I don't think that sends me an email.

I've looked through Profile and as a previous author wrote, I can see who to get notices for PM only.

Perhaps this functionality changed when the website got updated?



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You are correct. The functionality doesn't currently exist on the new website.  Certainly something we're willing to look at if the demand is there.


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Thanks. One thumbs up for email notifications. It helps me to follow if there have been any replies to my posts.




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I second Tony that I would very much like to see email notifications for the forums return. It's very educational to read others' responses to posts after I've responded myself. Trying to keep up across multiple forums manually can be very difficult.

Loving the new site, by the way.