I am introducing O3 tomorrow in a meeting. My boss saw that I was getting the binder ready and became interested in it, she wants feedback on the O3 in a couple months. She said if they go well that she wants to introduce it to the whole company. Wish me luck and I am very excited to start them with my directs. If anyone has any feedback please share. 

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I hope your meetings were successful! 

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 The meeting went well. I did see some awkward and scared faces, but I believe they are looking forward to them. They all picked time slots very quickly and enthusiastically. I am a little nervous, but I already have a couple directs waiting for the o3 to talk about some items. I am glad that my supervisor saw the binder and was intrigued. She said that she is going to respect the time slots I pick. That put me in ease to hear that. I will keep you posted and continue to post if I run into some issues. 

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Keep us posted. I'm glad your boss gave you a few months. Those awkward and scared faces are used to boss interactions being negative or punishing. They don't look forward to them at first because of that. It takes a few weeks for staff to warm up to them.

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Congrats on rolling out your O3's. I remember the first time I reported to a new supervisor and he asked me into mid-year review. I was nervous and fearful going in, confident and motivated coming out. My fears were groundless and I came to look forward to these meetings.

For those of you who are wondering if you should start them (short answer: YES!) remember that there may be some needless fear prior to the meetings. Try to put your directs at ease prior to and just as you start the meeting.

Finally, I'd be sure and document your successes so that you can show your boss results. Most of us dream of taking 03's organization-wide. You just might be able to do it.

Good luck!



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 So, I just got done meeting with my boss and she wants me to introduce the O3's to her boss in October. I asked her to give me some time to gather some feedback and data. I am nervous introducing this to my bosses boss due to the fact that I believe in it so much that I am afraid of getting shot down. I would like some feedback from anyone who had to introduce this to their boss. On another note, I have been doing O3's with my directs for 3 weeks and I believe it has helped tremendously. I was surprise of the directs that opened up to me. Using the O3 worksheets provided to me by Manager Tools I have been able to keep good notes. I do my O3's mostly over the phone and they seem to be ok, I have been scheduling myself to do some in person as much as possible. Let me know your thoughts everyone. Thanks again for the O3 information.

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 Not much to add, your success speaks for itself..

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So, wish me luck I will be giving my O3 binder example to my boss tomorrow. She is going to introduce it to her boss. She sat in on one of my O3 with my directs and was very excited. I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks

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My boss introduced me to Manager Tools but doesn't not use the disciplines himself. My directs are very appreciative of the tools I have learned.