I had an O3 scheduled this week, and I was very caught up in the whirlwind. So much to do, so little time, widgets to produce, meetings on said widgets, and analysis of the morale of the widgeteers. So I thought to myself, I have not missed an O3 yet, what harm could it do to skip this one? Besides, we had been in several meetings together this week already, surely this was enough.

Bad Jirrin! I forgot the tenant of the O3s. They are for the direct.
Needless to say, I kept the meeting, and shazaam! I may have had nothing really to contribute this week, but my direct came in with a LIST. I would have missed an opportunity to hear their concerns over new responsibilities, the chance to bolster their confidence, answer some questions and address some serious stressors they had.
So yes, one less analysis of the widget wonder flow report went out this day, but avoidance of a bad roll out to the new widget initiative was avoided, which would have had far reaching effects.
Keep your O3 appointments.

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O3s are often a surprise. There are really important things that nobody thinks to share with me. I often find these out in O3s. Of course they can't get inside my head to see what I think is important and vice-versa. That's where consistent meetings are such a help. Of course I quote the "Demotivator" calendar ... "Consistency is only a virtue if you are not a screw up"