I'd like to know more about how you manage the note-taking part of O3s? I have a modified version of the agenda that I print out and bring with me to my O3 meetings. But now I have piles of loose paper spread over my desk and it makes it difficult to stay organized. I've thought of a few options but would love to get some advice from anyone who's already tackled this problem and has a solution they like. 



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I just keep a binder with tabs for each of my directs.  It is simple and I keep it where I can easily reach it throughout the day so I can make simple notes if needed.  I realized that I was not sticking to my one-on-ones with all my directs for a whole variey of reasons some valid some not so I added a page for each direct with the dates of there one-on-ones for the remainder of the year.  Now I check off when I am done or make a note of why it was not done.  Immediately I saw my compliance rate increase and I am able to account for why it wasn't done ie they are sick, they are out on vacation.  It no longer feels like I missed it, I can see why they are being missed its not always my fault; they are sick, on vaction or in a meeting.

I used to have a desk full of papers too.  You have to tackle this.  It probably is not serving you well.  I found that these papers were causing me anxiety about the stuff you are not getting to.   And most of this stuff is not significant.  I found vendor mailers, draft versions of project charters and other stuff I just did not need anymore.  Now I make sure my desk is clean when I go home.  It feels good at the end of the day to put things away.  It feels betterg to come into a clean office the next morning.  I suspect it has changed how poeple percieve me too.  I feel less stressed and more focused.  Others have to see that.


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SCM has great advice above - using a binder with separate tabs.    I have recently returned to managing a team and because I am a Levenger fan I set up a Levenger O3 notebook.    It's working well for me so far.    I manage a remote team and travel extensively so I use One Note when I'm traveling to minimize what I have to carry.    I prefer using pen and paper when I'm in my office however.
i was inspired by the recent focus podcasts to clean my desk up and the O3 notebook works well with that plan.  I set up Roadmap too and am really excited to tap into the value it will bring.
Good luck, Jennifer!

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I have 5 reports on my team and I have 5 of the 1/2 inch 3 ring binders in different colors. In January I print out 50 copies of the 03 form for each direct (250 total) on pre-puched paper. [Pro-tip - If you don't have pre-punched printer paper, order some. It is such a time saver for printing anything that may end up in a binder.] I then file the forms from the previous year and fill the binders for the next year. At the end of the year i can see how many O3s I've missed by how many blank forms i have in each binder. Unfortunatly this is always a larger number than I would like, here's hoping that the Roadmap app will help me with this. I keep the binders in a standing file in my overhead cabinet that puts them within easy reach.

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I have been printing out the O3 template document since starting O3s earlier this year and use a file folder for each direct. However, I have now consolidated the O3s notes of my 3 directs into one Moleskine notebook. It looks much more organized, it saves paper and also space, and it is much easier to carry around.



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