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I am new to Manager Tools and want to get started ASAP with O3's. I am a manager of a manufacturing facility with 19 direct reports. We work a compressed work week of basically 80 hours over 2 weeks. It is a 4-3-3-4 schedule and are 12 hour days. 3 of the 19 are leads for specific functional areas who I interact with on a daily basis. Would it acceptable to start O3's with all the other directs without including the leads. Or would a bi-weekly meeting with everyone be effective in my situation?

Thanks in advance!


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By your posting it seems that the leads do not write annual reviews. As such, the guidance generally is to do weekly reviews with all 19. (I've had 14+ directs and done weekly O3 meetings.) With your distinctive schedule you could start weekly O3 with the leads and bi-weekly with the balance of the group.  Just doing the O3 meetings puts you ahead of many managers!