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I have been listening to MT since January, have started O3s with my continous, regularly scheduled staff.  Now I am looking at figuring out if there is advice on how to run O3s with non-regularly scheduled staff.

I run a Fitness & Aquatic Centre, I have 2 FT supervisors and 2 PT lifeguards, and the rest of my lifeguarding staff (38 Staff right now) is Casual.  Some of my casuals will work almost full time for a couple months, then be off for a few months, others will only work 2 hours a month every couple of months.  A number of them are University students that are only in town for the summer and occasional shifts the rest of the year.

Additionally we are open from 0630-2200 daily (with some small breaks in the schedule for maintenance).

What is your guidance on 03s for staff that do not have a regular set schedule?

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Since O3 takes time, I won't do O3 to everyone but only to the permanent staff that I write the Bi-Annual Performance Review for.  If you do O3 with all 38 staff, you will have no time for anything else.


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I recommend you do O3s...even with casual employees.

The benefit for them, and their future, is that they have a better relationship with you. Further, they may reach out to you for an employee reference (some day) and even though the relationship is "casual" endeavor to be the best boss they've ever had.

Your focus is on effectiveness, retention, and building a better relationship. As such, by having a better relationship your centre is more likely to retain employees.  You'll also have more data on how your overall operation is performing. You may be able to glean ideas from the following casts:

Key idea: Change the the format may be 15 minutes for them 15 minutes for you, rather than the standard 10-10-10 (where the final 10 minutes is about the future.)