I only learned about O3s about 3 weeks ago (started listening to M-Ts about a month ago... became a manager 6 weeks ago). One of my directs used to be a manager at another company--she loved the idea from day one, she's my early adopter. :)

Another one is very quiet and also had a bit of a dispute about how the previous manager handled the succession. (She's not mad about me getting it... long story, some other time.) In our first O3 she reiterated her beef; then in the 2nd one she didn't have much at all to say, and I thought, oh gee, this is gonna be like pulling teeth.

I did performance assessments in between 2 and 3.

In our 3rd O3, she had done some tracking that I'd asked her to do and she was all eager to show me the spreadsheet and we discussed the implications and what to look for down the line... it was a really good, productive conversation. Woo hoo!

What I like best about O3s is that it gives you a chance to go over things without one person ever feeling like they're interrupting the other person's work. She concentrates intensely when she's working on something and obviously hates to be interrupted... and I'm the same way sometimes so I can relate. Now I don't have to interrupt, just save it for the meeting.

I'm sure glad I found Manager Tools. It's helping me get up to speed quick.


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Well done you! It's never the moment that one should project's the trend.