I have a part-time employee coming back after maternity leave to work for 2 x 4 hours a week. Do I do O3s with her?

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Do you want to build a solid working relationship with her?  Do you want her to be effective?  Absolutely.

I suspect your concern is that you're taking up more than five percent of her working time having your O3.  Given that she only has a limited amount of work time, I'd be even more interested in making sure she's effective in the hours she is available.  Also, she will miss out on a lot of information by osmosis by virtue of the fact that she isn't around all the time to hook into the grapevine, so her O3 gives you a chance to keep her in the loop on more things.



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All concerns dismissed now. Thanks.

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I have two part-time employees, who work about 18 hours per week. I scheduled bi-weekly O3s. Now I read here, that you do weekly O3s with a part-timer, who only works 8 hours per week, I wonder whether I should increase the frequency to weekly. Any thoughts?