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I listened to the cast on shift workers, and I get it: if you have shift workers, make it work and do the O3's.  Schedule them!

My difficulty is that my workday isn't set.  I have some tasks and deadlines, but the way this company expects us to the run our weeks is, "seat of the pants" style, i.e. always on the floor, drive the sales, push the team and give regular feedback.  Stay out of your office, do the basic admin then get out there and push for sales.

I agree to an extent: a good restaurant GM ought to be like the captain of the ship, guiding each shift from the front to push cash to the bottom line and control costs.

So, how do I schedule time for O3s?  Our labor budget is a % of net sales.  That means on one day I can have 10 directs and the same day next week I could have 2.

It makes scheduling very tricky.

Does anybody have any experience or advice for completing O3s in a restaurant setting or in a similar type of shift-based and non-scheduled workplace?