When conducting a One-on-One with my team leads, is that the forum I should be asking them about matters concerning their team or should I be scheduling another meeting for that? I know O3s are supposed to be about the individual, but does that branch into that individual's responsibilities and having them pass information up through the ranks that they've gleaned from their teams?

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Refer to the recent bi-monthly skip reviews cast, which recommends setting up an extra session or extending O3 to one hour once every other month in order to go through everyone.  So if you're trying to make this into a routine discussion, refer to these casts for more detailed guidance.  But you can discuss issues related to their directs anytime it comes up.  Presumably it's a big part of their job, and you have 10-15 minutes to go over your part of the agenda, so if you have something to discuss then this is the obvious time to do it.

Of course no one would suggest you avoid communicating outside of O3s, so if you need to have an hour-long session related to a project they're working on, or if there's a conversation that involves more people than you and the team lead, then let the situation guide you in creating additional meetings.  But as for recurring meetings, use the O3s each week with a modified format once every couple of months per the recent podcast.

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The bi monthly skip review cast was quite good and I've started using that already.  Prior to it coming out, I made it a standing item for me to ask about the team as part of my one on one.

I now have three questions i ask TL's and Managers at each O3.

First Question (their 10 minutes): "how are you?"

My 10 minutes: "how is the team?"

Last question of the meeting: "is there anything i can do for you?" 

Note; this is not a upward delegation question and my guys know that. it has had an unintended impact of O3's now run over more and more as its often a "Oh i had this issue with billy the other day, and would love to hear how you would have handled the situation." or "I wasn't going to bother you and that [XYZ Business] Director, but..."


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