Should I aim to have my O3's rescheduled with  my 2ic (who will be doing most of my other job responsibilities?) even if she has to be doing them with her peers? Or should I get my boss to do those?

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Assuming it's a week or two, you should just skip them.  If there are specific work tasks that need to be covered, then your 2ic should do this in some form or another, that is not doing your o3 though.  If it's a very long absence then that will be a different story.

As a rule, your boss shouldn't be taking any of your responsibilities, that's backwards, though there will be the odd exception.  IMHO


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 I agree with Mark

In my situation, I am out of the office every fifth week (I work a Fly In Fly Out roster). We skip O3's that week and my 2IC runs the task follow ups and closures