I am so grateful for Manager Tools and the Interview Series, I had looked for such a course in the past and could not find one.  After six months into my current role, I realized it was not a good fit.  I had landed some interviews with some great companies, but unfortunately my interview skills were pretty lacking and I did not progress in 2 recent interviews for jobs I could have done extremely well.  I was honestly feeling pretty hopeless until I stumbled upon MT.  After 2 weeks with the MT Interview Series I have an offer!!!

My offer is in writing, I have a start date, but it is pending a background check and drug screen.  I should not have any problems, but you never know.  Should I resign with my current company now or wait until the background check comes back and all is a go?



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I was in the same situation 2 years ago and waited until the drug/background test was finalized. It's not a huge deal, but to me not worth the risk just in case there is a holdup for any reason.



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Thank you that is what I decided to do.  I am worried that my current employer may find out I am moving on and let me go before I resign, but no sense in taking an unessesary risk!