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I have been following the CT advice for my application for a new position and finally after a month long process received an offer. The offer is slightly ($3000 to $5000) lower than what i had been looking for annually. The opportunity does involve a move and I had already factored in a relocation package which they have left open ended to be discussed. They have added a living allowance for the first 3 months in the new location which is about $7500. I guess I am looking to see if I should go back and see if they will come up on the salary, I am ok with the first year as the living allowing and moving allowance bring me well with in my range, but with out knowledge of the annual salary review and compensation process I am nervous that going forward this will create a hardship. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Looking at the datestamp you've likely already resolved this question, M.  Love to hear what you did.


I'm in a scenario now where I'm boning up on MT/CT advice on accept/reject an offer and found your post.  The thing that stands out most is where you say "a relocation package which they have left open ended to be discussed".  That sound like the place where you can find yourself left in the lurch.  Without all the details I'm not sure Wendy would call this an offer.

Putting that to the side, if you can't bring yourself to say, "Thank you for the offer but I need to decline. " then then you shouldn't say 'no'.  If you do say this and decline it's likely they'll ask why at which point you can tell them.  If they choose to move their number or if they don't is a risk you'll be taking.

Remember there is no "Yes, but..."

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Brian, the relocation package was open ended as the Canadian Revenue Agency has changed the rules on these packages recently and the company was in the process of re-writting the policy and understood that until they hammered this out that I wouldn't be comfortable signing the offer.  I did go back to the hiring manager and explain that though much of the offer looked good, it was lower than expected I was going to need to decline. She asked what number I would need to accept,  I put forward my number and she said they would have no trouble coming up to that number.  I started December 5th and am really enjoyin the new opportunity.  Thanks for your advice.